Arago Systems has leveraged its expertise in the areas of wireless sensors network. Arago Systems is commercializing an IPV6 WSN solution, named Wisnet designed to meet the requirements of  indoor and outdoor environment.

WiSNet: complete solution for IPv6 sensor networks

Wisnet is a sensor network composed of sensors or actuators (WiSMote) and a gateway (WiSGate).

Wisnet is open source and fully customizable.



WiSMote is low power, self-configurable, and operates on 2.4GHz free band. It supports IPV6. Numerous sensors/actuators are available on WiSMote such as  temperature, humidity, light or 3D accelerometer.

WiSGate comes with multiple communication interfaces (Ethernet, WiFi, GSM / GPRS, PLC) and field bus interfaces (RS485, CAN, …).

Benefits of the solution :

  • Full interoperability and open source.
  • Product made in France that adheres to the eco-design policies.