Arago Systems’s main activity revolves around embedded systems and wireless communication devices dedicated to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) markets. More specifically, the company has been involved in various industrial IoT projects as for example Wisnet.

Wisnet, IoT solution,  dedicated to  indoor and outdoor environments.

Wisnet: complete solution for IPv6 sensor networks

The output of a partnership between Arago Systems and LCIS (University Laboratory of Grenoble and Valence) – Wisnet –  is a sensor network consisting of wireless self-powered sensors or actuators (WiSMote) and a gateway that has access to Internet (WiSGate).


Open source, fully interoperable and customizable solution.

WiSMote, low-power,  operates on the free band 2.4Ghz. It relies on a self-configurable mesh IPv6 networking . Various sensors are available on the Wismote such as temperature, humidity, light or 3D accelerometer .

WiSGate has multiple Internet communication interfaces (Ethernet, WiFi, GSM / GPRS, PLC) and field bus interfaces (RS485, CAN, …).

Advantages :

  • Open source, fully interoperable and customizable solution.
  • Product made in France  respecting the eco-design policy.