Areadgo Secure

The Secure version of the RFID reader Arago embeds advanced security techniques for data encryption. Due to the security layer,  the client is totally covered   in terms of  safety management.

Areadgo Secure

Secure Areadgo , is an integrated cryptographic module, designed  to ensure a high level of security at application level (access control, anti-counterfeiting).


Areadgo Secure



CPU: AVR 8bits – FLASH 16/32KO


  • HF 13.56MHz
  • Integrated antenna

Connexion USB:

  • HID Plug’n’Play
  • Storage (1 à 8 Mo FLASH)
  • Mini-USB connector

Read Range: 7-10 cm

Expansion slot: UART

Power: Port USB

Temperature: -40°C à +85°C

Dimensions: 85x54x10 mm