Areadgo Low Cost

The Low Cost version of the RFID reader Areadgo was designed in order to provide a low-cost solution while maintaining the performance of  Areadgo line readers.

Areadgo Low Cost

Aread Go Low Cost is ISO 14443-B compliant.

Low Cost Areadgo addresses applications with low  price tag (traceability, object connection).



areadgo architecture



CPU: 8-bit AVR – FLASH 16/32 KO


  • HF 13.56MHz
  • Integrated antenna

USB Connexion:

  • HID Plug’n’Play
  • Mass Storage (1 à 8 Mo FLASH)
  • Mini-USB connector

Read Range: 7-10 cm

Expansion slot: UART

Power: Port USB

Temperature: -40°C à +85°C

Dimensions: 85x54x10 mm