RFID readers

Arago Systems has leveraged its expertise in the field of RFID to develop a low-cost line of compelling RFID readers that meet the market needs. Areadgo,  operates on the HF 13.56MHz free band that complies with the
R & TTE Directive.

Areadago: Accessible & low-cost

RFID readers

Areadgo, each reader comes with an USB dongle that embeds the USB HID interface meant to read tags and an « Mass Storage » USB interface intended to store data files.

No driver installation is required, each drive is Plug ‘n’Play!

Areadago: a full range of certified readers

Areadago line is forked into 3 compelling models. Each meets explicit requirements such as cost, safety or compatibility with existing standards.

  • Areadgo Low Cost :The basic version of the low cost Areadgo reader line.
  • Areadgo Secure : The most secure version.
  • Areadgo Premium : Complete version, integrating support for various RFID standards (ISO 14443 A and B, ISO 15693).

RFID  standards

RFID readers Areadago support several standards of RFID tags. The following table depicts the list of the standards supported by each reader:

RFID readers


Areadgo readers are on sale onour website.