The product development cycle consists in five phases.

Arago Systems intervenes in each phase of product development.

Arago Systems Methodology

Design Phase

The phase defines the architecture of the product by the thorough analysis of the specifications. This phase allows a continuously prosperous exchange with the customer promoting better understanding of the client requirements. Consequently, the output relies on the definition of the system specifications, building software and hardware blocks as well as the testing and validation plan.

Development phase

This phase leads to the development of hardware and software blocks related to the final product:

  • Hardware: Schematic, placement, routing, FPGA Coding
  • Software: drives development, OS porting, application development
  • Mechatronics: Thermal study, map generation.

This phase covers the software releases required by the mock-up.

Realization phase

This phase starts with the prototype design, followed by implementation of the hardware/software functional tests as well as the mechanical integration.

Consequently, it results in the generation of functional test-driven reports related to hardware and software building blocks.

Qualification and Certification Phase

This phase refers to the to the achievement of the certification and the qualification test plan.

Industrialization Phase

This phase points out to the  production and the development of the test bench. It ensures the on-time release and enables the monitoring phase (BOM optimization, end-o- life management).