Arago Systems, taking advantage of its founders expertise, has attained knowledge in plenty of cutting-edge technologies.

ARM Microcontroller based:

Arago Systems expertise

Arago Systems has decided to focus mostly its development on ARM architecture in order to: reduce the development time (hardware/software), reduce cost,  increase portability,  and accelerate hardware & software design.

Embedded Linux OS:

Arago Systems has developed an important number of solutions running Linux OS or other open source OSs, for instance μClinux, RTLinux or FreeRTOS. Subsequently, the designed solutions apply to distinct areas such as automotive or military. Such wide experience labels Arago Systems as an ideal partner for fast and secure designer of embedded systems.


Arago Systems enhanced its FPGA expertise by developing numerous products with high portability.

It covers:

  • Architecture based on the major FPGA manufacturers families
  • « Custom » integration or « IP » development
  • Development of simulation files
  • Routing optimization.


Arago Systems has developed products in the areas of automotive, consumer, military, avionics, …. This allowed us to implement quality processes and industrial optimization from the beginning of the product. Moreover, Arago Systems is able to intervene for reducing the cost of nomenclature and Managing the end-of-life.